Mana Sadeghi

Product Designer | UX Design Educator

I am a Product Designer with a deep understanding of the end-to-end design process, from UX research and journey mapping to wireframing, prototyping, and user testing. I enjoy applying user-centered design in crafting digital products that empower their users.

Users are the hero in everything I design. I believe storytelling techniques give brands a way to get insight into users, build empathy, and leave an emotional impact.

Product Designer @ DreamHost

I am a Product Designer at DreamHost, a web hosting company helping small businesses with their online presence. I work with product owners, engineering, data, and marketing teams to improve the Usability of DreamHost control panel. My focus is on increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction, and also maintaining design consistency across all applications.

User Dashboard for Managing Websites, Hostings, and Domains

Manage Websites

Offering a way for customers to have a bird's-eye view of their websites, and manage everything all in one place.

Add a domain and make your website live in three easy steps.

Manage Websites

Providing a simple and step-by-step flow for customers to quickly set up a new website.

Freelance Work

In addition to my full-time job, I like to take advantage of any extra time I get, to help out small businesses with their design work. This allows me to learn more about different industries and become a part of those products that I personally love.

Case Study

The ultimate guide for healthy grocery shopping in your pocket

I worked on designing an app for @FlavCity which lets users scan products by the barcode, or search and browse by categories, brands and stores, to find healthy and tasty food options. Coming to Apple Store in Spring 2021.

Bobby Approved

Teaching Design

I am a UX Design Tutor at CareerFoundry, educating and empowering UX Design students across the globeI. I work on Identifying individual student needs and strategizing on how to close specific skill gaps during a UX Immersion course.

Sample Project

Implementing the Design Thinking process on crafting a mobile app for finding experts

CareerFoundry helps student build an impressive portfolio out of the real‑world projects they complete on the program. Here is a sample project I worked on when I was a CF student myself a few years ago.

Expert App

Paintings & illustrations

I always had a passion for art and spent most of my childhood summers drawing and painting. Art is my form of meditation. Whether it's painting on canvas with oil color paint and brush, or working on a fun illustration on my iPad, it helps me flex my brain muscles and be creative.

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